Does Republic plan to support the Samsung A71?

I think this has been talked about before but is there any plan for republic to support the Samsung Galaxy A71? Even with just a sim kit? I found that phone to be the best choice for me only to be saddened to find out Republic doesn’t support it. Is there anything that can be done?

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I with you on this one Andrew, I see good reviews on the A71 RW should support it. They seem to want to be low end or Samsung $1000 end?? They are missing a large market of folks that want good performing mid range at least the moto brand

I was originally going to go with the A51 but every review said the same thing about the processor being slow, and one said it was the same speed as their g6 so that was a definite no but the A71 is better in every way except republic doesn’t support it. It makes me wonder if the A51 sim kit would fit the A71 but it more than likely doesn’t since they’re different phones.

It doesn’t work that way. The SIM physically fits in any phone but the Republic App activates only phones that are on the compatibility list.

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Needing to replace my current phone. After much research I find the Samsung A71 5G has the best credentials and best price point. PC magazine rates it excellent. RW network partners (everyone besides Verizon) have chosen the Sub 6 route for 5G deployment. I probably won’t require a UWB model for years. Please RW lets look at the S A71 5G. The A51 is not rated well overall.

Here is a link that gathers the information that you may want to present to Republic Wireless when lobbying for a phone to be supported
Survey: Bring Your Own Approved Phone

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This is certainly a phone I would be looking at if it were available.

Hi @drog ,

What makes it stand out for you compared to the phones we currently have available?

SD card support and I would really like to see a larger selection of mid range phones in general, especially now that Motorola is not providing Android updates for any realistic period of time (I’ve pretty much lost interest in their mid range because of that). The Google Pixel 4a looks decent but I would run out of space in a hurry if I only had 128 gigs of storage for photos, music, and apps.

A larger selection of mid range phones from Motorola is what we have all been asking for.

I’ve talked to our product team about the A71 and there seems to be some sort of barrier to being able to bring it to Republic.

Is there a reason you prefer it over the S20 FE? It seems the price and specs are very similar.

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Why does the barrier for the A71 not exist for virtually all other providers?

Republic’s service isn’t a “standard” service. The hybrid calling technology that Republic uses is unique enough to be covered by several patents. This technology relies on certain APIs in the Android OS for the phone to work properly with Republics services (specifically for calling and texting). This is why Republic’s services aren’t open to any phone that’s compatible with their underlying carriers.

What does or does work on another carrier has no relevance at all to what will or won’t work with Republic.

Thanks for clarification and explaination of how RW is unique as to other carriers. Honestly though most customers/users are simple minded including myself, when comes to the intricacies of how RW is engineered. We just want cheap prices and a full compliment of phone choices And good service!
On a side note, I hope RW is close to offering 5G, which I know boils down to how cheap RW can negotiate a deal with TM to turn it on for RW users. Really it seems 5G is mostly more of marketing buzz word much like 4k or now 8k is to televisions. Gotta keep churning the sales machine!!!

You may be interested in this piece I wrote: Understanding Emerging 5G Technologies - Tips & Tricks - Member Community (

While Republic doesn’t officially support 5G, with a 5G compatible phone activated on the GSM carrier, in areas where they offer 5G NSA (see my article) I get a 5G connection without issue.

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Loosely paraphrasing; someone once said something to the effect of you can have 2 of those three things but not all of them. For me, Republic actually comes pretty close to providing all three (with phone selection being a very minor caveat). Candidly, the only phone of market consequence not supported by Republic is Apple’s iPhone.

Samsung’s Galaxy A71 appears to be a fine phone, however, it’s been correctly pointed out a couple of posts above Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE (which is Republic compatible) is similarly priced (about $100 more). The S series is Samsung’s premium series and, in my opinion, the S20 FE would be worth the $100 over the A71.

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My wife has the S20 FE. The upgrade from the Snapdragon 765 to 865, the 120Hz vs 60Hz screen, the 3X zoom lens, wireless charging, wireless power share, and IP68 rating more than makeup for the $100 or so difference.

I actually started looking at the S20 FE, then decided to get a 256 GB S21 so I’m good now (just got it today). I didn’t really want to go over $500 at first and I wanted more choices to look at. In the end, the cameras on the S21 won me over. The missing SD card slot is painful but having 256 GB of built in storage helped alleviate my concerns.

I am curious if the S21 pans out many don’t like it, for a flagship it has a plastic back a few other negatives

If RW’s hybrid calling system is good enough to be patented (and to be clear, I do think it’s really good), how does WiFi calling differ on other carriers? I’ve never experienced WiFi calling on other carriers so I have no idea and when I bring it up to people who are on other services, they tell me they have WiFi calling too.

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