Does Republic recommend any repair shops?

Does Republic Wireless recommend any Motorola phone repair shops? I have a MotoX 2nd Gen.

You would probably be better off if you started a separate discussion … state what kind of problem you are trying to get fixed and zip code … users with knowledge of repairers will usually respond (Republic does not make recommendations for something like this)


Hi @joes.msov5w,

I’ve moved your question to its own topic. Can you tell us more about what kind of repair you need?

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several members report good service from

which is a chain of repair shops
there are other local shops that may be able to assist (google is how I would find then)


I’ve had good experiences with Motorola’s repair department:


I have been hearing about batteries not charging, or at times Text messages not being received when they were sent…there seems to be a delay of almost 2 to 3 hours on some days. Maybe if the phone just quits working !..

If you’re experiencing delays of hours on receiving text messages, please open a ticket with our help team, because that would be a service issue, not something a repair shop would handle.

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Ok… thank you for the information… Joe

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