Does Republic restrict/limit access to 3rd Party Apps (such as parental control apps) when the device is connected to wifi?

We are trying to put a parental control app on our daughters phone. However, we are noticing that we are not getting data/updates from the phone while it is connected to Wi-Fi. We wanted to know if the republic wireless app/service restricts or limits access by 3rd party apps via WI-FI. Thanks

Republic wouldn’t restrict data from the parental control app while on WiFi. What app are you using? I personally used Qustodio on my 14 year old stepson’s Ascend 5w and the app was very glitchy. I am wondering if this Huawei’s custom skin over Android Marshmallow.

We tried them first with the Ascend 5w and found it to be glitchy as well. We were not able to sufficiently hide the app on her device so that it couldn’t be uninstalled by her. Therefore, we are trying Phone Sheriff for 7 days (free) to see how it works. So far we like it better than Qustodio. However, we don’t get data updates in the portal whenever her phone is logged in to wifi.

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