Does republic sell a sim for motox 2nd generation

I looked at the sim section, i didnt see a sim for my moto x 2nd generation, is there one for this phone? or any compatable sims?

Hi @wayner.cmlpis!

Republic does not sell SIMs for the Moto X2. That is becuase the Moto X2 is not part of the BYOP program. The SIM in the X2 is strictly used for LTE access only. It does not store contacts or stuff like that. If you have a Republic version of the Moto X2 (not an unlocked one) and need a SIM, I would open a support ticket here: Republic Help. They should be able to provide you with one. Hope that helps!


Hi @wayner.cmlpis,

Short answer is no. Republic supports the Moto X2 as a legacy phone. Legacy phones (Moto E1, E2. G1, G3, X1, X2) use a modified Android operating system and must have been built for Republic specifically. If the X2 in question is Republic specific, it’s SIM should have been left with the phone. If the X2 in question is represented as working with service providers other than Republic or as unlocked, it will not work with Republic’s service. More here: Republic Wireless Phones.

Do you know if the referenced X2 is Republic specific? Do you see the Republic app on the phone?

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