Does Republic send email from mkt 7 8 5


I got an email today that looked like it came from Republic Wireless, but the links in it went to a mkt 7 8 5 3 . com domain. Looks like a phishing scam to me!

Is this legit?


Hi @jimk,

Could you tell us more about the e-mail you received? Our marketing department uses a variety of domains and services to track the click-throughs on the E-mail they send. If you’ll share a little of the content of the E-mail, I’ll be glad to verify whether it was from us.

You can DM me, if you prefer.


Hi @southpaw,

No need to DM I think. The crux of the message was this:

"We noticed you haven’t been
opening emails from us lately.

We love talking to you, but want to
make sure the feeling is mutual.
Would you like to continue receiving
email updates from us?"


That is a legitimate E-mail. We don’t want to keep E-mailing people who don’t want our E-mails, so we’re just checking to see if you want to keep hearing from us.


Ok. Thanks for checking.

I hope that not clicking in an email doesn’t automatically remove people from a mailing list. Email clicking can have many bad consequences if you are not sure. I, for one, almost never do it.


In this case, if you do not specifically click “yes,” you’ll be unsubscribed from marketing E-mails. We want to be careful we are not sending E-mail to people who do not want to receive it.

If you find that you miss the marketing E-mails, you can always re-subscribe at the bottom of our home page.


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