Does Republic Wifi Calling work for Moto G4?

I have a Motorola G4 with T-Mobile and as far as I can find on the Internet the Moto G4 doesn’t have wifi calling capabilities. For those of you that have republic wireless and/or republic wireless representatives, does wifi calling work for your Moto G4?

The Moto G 4 has wifi calling on RW because RW implements it in the Republic app. It used to be built into the ROM. This had some advantages and some shortcomings.

I’m a little surprised that it can’t be implemented on T-Mo branded phones since they started doing wifi calling a couple years after RW first offered it. If you want to switch to RW and get wifi calling you will have to have a model XT1625. Look here if you don’t already have the model number: Apps → Settings → About phone → Hardware information → SKU

TMO, like Republic, supports WiFi calling on certain handsets. For TMO, unlike Republic, those handsets tend to be carrier branded as opposed to factory unlocked.

Thank you [again.]

I was assuming that he had a T-Mo branded phone. Looking at his post again I see he didn’t say that, just that he had a G 4 with them.

Simple answer. REPUBLIC wifi calling works on the G4. That means nothing if you’re asking about T-Mobile wifi calling.

I’ve not seen a carrier branded variant of the G4 (doesn’t mean there isn’t one).

Thanks for all the replies.

My G4 is not T-Mobile branded (I’m not sure if they exist, as rolandh mentioned), and it is a model XT1625 like glareplate specified, so I do plan on switching to RW for their wifi calling.

Thanks again everyone for the information.

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