Does Republic Wireless ever grandfather in phone sale prices?

I bought a pair of Moto G5S Plus’s about a week and a half ago, and today get email there’s a Valentine’s Day sale on them ($30 off).

Will begging and pleading to get that price be worth my effort?

Hi @bubbly,

Please open a support ticket. Our team will be glad to take a look at your situation.


I just purchased my new Moto G5plus phone on Monday the 5th. A day later I get an email that the phone I purchased was reduced in price by $50. How can I get the difference back? This really makes me mad!

Hi @katien.dnxvak,

Please don’t be mad. Sometimes we put things on sale, and I promise we didn’t intentionally wait until you had bought yours to do so. We also didn’t intentionally try to hide the fact that it was on sale from you.

Just open a support ticket and let’s see what our team can do for you.

(I’ve moved your post to a thread that already exists on this topic, just to keep the conversation in one place.)

How do I open a support ticket?
just log into your account though the above link


Please open your Support ticket within 14 days of purchase. You should receive an account credit for the difference. …Can I Get Credit If the Price on the Phone I Bought Online Dropped? – Republic Help


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