Does Republic Wireless now support iPhones?

I saw on Swappa that Republic Wireless supports a limited number of iPhones. Is that true?

Hi @tonjac.fqhvcf and welcome to the Community!

In terms of general availability, Republic does not yet support any iPhones. Republic has announced an invitation only beta. More details on that are here: Republic Wireless announces a limited-participant iPhone Beta.

Would you be kind enough to share a link to the specific Swappa page that mentions Republic’s support for a limited number of iPhones?


Is there an update on how the Iphone Beta is going?

Still an ongoing Beta, you might want to look at Republic Wireless announces a limited-participant iPhone Beta and browse through the discussion or jump to the last update by a beta member, @rolandh, who is both an Expert and an Ambassador

Since in a recent survey, RW asked me about my willingness and preferences to purchase an iPhone for use with RW, I assume that such an option is coming soon to all. Yes, I’m all for it! When it is coming? :grinning:

It has been in testing for a while:
and iPhone Beta - Member Community

That’s all the info we have (no info on when or even if for sure, a production product will be coming).

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