Does Republic Wireless offer insurance for phones?

I’m going to purchase a new phone and am wondering if most people insure their phones and how?

I never have. I never saw it as worthwhile. Many times I’ve seen the deductible for device replacement under an insurance policy has been the the same amount the manufacturer charged to exchange a broken device for a working refurbished device.

As far as how to insure the phone? Many retailers offer device protection. Amazon has a whole product category for device protection.

Hi @debs.jwvpde
I agree with @cbwahlstrom .

I would however recommend a little “self insurance” like a well made case (If you’re inclined like most of us to drop things every so often) :wink:
And maybe a screen protector. :thinking:

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Thank you for your input. I appreciate your response!

Yes, definitely will ‘self insure’ with mentioned items. Thanks! I appreciate your response.

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You may also want to check your Credit Card and/or your Home Owners Insurance, as many offer some level of protection or extended warranty

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