Does Republic Wireless offer support by phone?


So R.W has no phone support? I do recall calling in and talking to someone to resolve an issue with my mothers phone back in 2015…and to have the CID name changed from Wireless Caller to her name.

I find a few numbers to call online via google search

Hybrid/Bonded calling vs VoLTE vs WiFi Calling?
Hybrid/Bonded calling vs VoLTE vs WiFi Calling?

Please check out @rolandh’s comments on this:


Republic does not publish an inbound telephone customer service number. Republic has been known to make an outbound call to a customer when circumstances make that the most efficient approach to resolving a customer’s issue. Fairly recently, Republic has used limited inbound calling via an invite but all support still starts online (ticket or chat).


welll… i can find numbers via web search. Hanvt tried them…

Republic Wireless · Phone
900 Main Campus Dr, Raleigh, NC 27606
(800) 808-5150

Republic Wireless Customer Service Phone Number. Phone Number of Republic Wireless is +1-919-297-1079, +1-877-318-2092 . Republic Wireless is an American based telecommunication company that is pioneered in the business of providing different types of telecommunication and communication services to the residents of North Carolina.


I said Republic doesn’t publish inbound customer service numbers not that someone else might not have done so. In any event, the only number that works for me is 1-800-808-5150 and by work I mean it connects. It connects, however, to (Republic’s former parent company). Neither of the other referenced numbers connects to Republic either, though one goes to someone’s concierge service. :wink: Regardless, there’s no need to take my word for it. Here it is straight from the source: How to Get Help from Republic Wireless – Republic Help.


So…here is a funny thing.

I had ordered a sim kit from Amazon usig a $5 giftcard making it free. I used that to do my recent testing of R.W on my spare Nexus 5X. I week after I got that, I noticed R.W site was sending out the sim kit free…so I ordered that. to use in July when i plan on switching from Sprint.

I get an email today from R.W saying that i recently purchased a SIM from them and they were wondering about why i hadn’t activated it yet. They also gave a coupon code for 3 free months of the 1gb plan. (thats very cool!). Edit: Seems R.W has done these promotions a few times before. Last January it was for the 2gb plan…so says a google search.

Anyway, this line in the email caught my attention as to what i had mentioned in this thread about phone customer service: "Feel free to respond to this email or give us a call. Our 24/7 US-based help team is trained and standing by to answer any questions you have. Simply dial (919) 421-8082 and input your PIN code, #######, when prompted. This PIN code will remain active until …"

So they do have a way to contact them via phone.

I gotta say, I am continuing to be impressed with R.W. The active state of these R.W forums, (compared to that of say Sprint and tmobile forums I have used)…very much nicer and friendly here.


As was stated above:


As you received this in an email with the PIN code, this was probably a part of an A-B Testing of methods to provide service/sales. I imagine this is pretty common in the data driven world we live in. Harvard Business AB Testing Refresher

Our Data Driven World

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