Does Republic Wireless still support the Moto G (1st Gen)?

My husband is still using his Moto G (1st Gen) phone, but has been having trouble with it. He would prefer if possible to buy another Moto G (1st Gen) phone and keep his same plan. Is this even possible? If we were able to find a used Moto G (1st Gen) would the SIM card kit work for this? I don’t think his SIM card in his current phone is even accessible.


Hi @samanthas.fbbnoz

Absolutely. All RW 1.0/2.0 phones are eligible for reactivation, (excluding the beta DefyXT and Optimus devices).

[edit: Have you tried any troubleshooting steps?..this one has proven to solve some issues… Clearing the Cache ]

The SIM card question is irrelevant as there is no SIM in the G1 (in CDMA phones the SIM card is only used for 4G, which the G1 is not capable of accessing). For models that do support 4G the sim is tied to the phone, not the service, so that would require RW to send you one if you chose a different iteration of the G series and the previous owner removed it. (Moto G 1st/3rd Gen.).

All 2.0 phones on RW have to have the RW custom ROM built in, in order to be activated though…meaning it must be an RW branded phone.

Used RW 2.0 devices can be found on sites like, Ebay, and sometimes on Amazon thru 3rd party sellers.

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Hope this helps.

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