Does republic wireless support the Droid ultra phone?

I need a new phone and found a good deal on a Droid ultra,… Does republic wireless super the Droid ultra phone?

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Does Republic Wireless support the Droid Ultra?

Check out the comment on a previous discussion, it will provide the test available and other valued information on the BYOP process

No, RW does not support Droid Ultra.

All supported phones are listed here

Republic Wireless Phones

All Droids are Verizon Exclusives

The reason one can find a good deal on the Droid Ultra is it’s an older phone (release with the First Gen Moto X in 2013 and Motorola/Verizon have stopped updating it past 5.1 lollipop (from 4.4 and 4.2) and as such even if republic wanted to support the used Droid it doesn’t meet the 6.0 requirement of 3.0 nor the custom ROM of 1.0/2.0

Motorola DROID Ultra - Full phone specifications

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