Does resetting your voicemail PIN delete your messages?

I was under the impression that getting one’s voicemail password reset forced the deletion of all one’s (previously received) voicemail.

Was I mistaken in that? I do hope so - I have lots of unheard voice mails and was afraid I’d have to make three guesses as to what my password was, contact someone to have the nanny thing cleared so I could guess three more times, contact someone to have it cleared again, then, repeat a few thousand times until I managed to guess it.

I’d be MOST happy if you could just remove my voicemail password altogether (again, without removing the voicemails). Having a password on my voicemail is about as useful as having a padlock on my wallet - which is to say, “Not of any use, whatsoever.” - since I have at least two functioning brain cells and, therefore, keep my cell phone in my possession (just like I do my wallet). I suppose, in theory, a password-protected cell phone voicemail would be useful to those of your customers who are deep into the throes of dementia, except… how would such people remember a password in the first place?

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Yes, changing your password does not impact your messages.

This isn’t possible. The password is required. Without it it is quite simple for someone to spoof caller ID and get in to your voicemail. Not a good potential outcome. In addition, should the phone be lost or stolen, if a password wasn’t set, the voicemail would be completely inaccessible.

Great! I’ll have to change mine and listen to all the voicemails.

It’s not possible because the company made a policy decision to forbid it. Therefore… it’s possible, they just won’t allow it.

It’s quite simple for someone to spoof my caller ID and listen to my voicemail? The company sure can figure out whether or not it’s me using the cellular data each month, but they can’t figure out whether or not it’s me trying to listen to my voicemail? Hmm… It’s a case of, if there’s a chance of getting an extra nickel of profit from a thing, they’re all over it - but if it’s a free feature (IOW, we’re already paying for it as part of the overall package whether it’s screwy or not), they’re not really interested in fixing it. Gotcha. I’ll just have to wait and hope they start charging for voicemail, then?

Again, I have sense enough to keep track of my things. Why do you punish the innocent, here? How would you feel if you bought a new car and someone came round and told you that in order for your new car to function, you would have to build a locking garage to keep it in? Because, you know, it’s so much easier to punish the innocent than to go after the guilty…

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You’re right, it is technically possible, but it is a terrible idea. Without a password I could be in your voicemail in under 30 seconds. On Republic, on AT&T, on Verizon, on Sprint, on T-Mobile and on many corporate voicemail systems. Voicemail PINs are best practice for a reason. Have you asked your bank to remove the PIN from your ATM card? After all, you take care of your things, you know where your ATM card is. Why does it need an annoying PIN?

This isn’t punishing anyone unless you consider seat belt laws, ATM card PINs and drinking ages punishment.

i get “unable to communicate with voicemail server” message when trying…

Republic is currently experiencing an issue. They’re aware and are working to resolve it.

You could get into my voicemail if it lacked a password? Do you mean that you could do so without having physical possession of my cell phone? If so, that’s a bug. If not… You are, of course, welcome to stop by and attempt to take my cell phone away from me, lol. But please don’t stand on the new carpet whilst doing so, as it isn’t dark red.

Seat belt laws… My seat belt allowed me to keep control of my car on at least one occasion. Ergo, it’s one of those laws that are beneficial to everyone else. So… No, I have no problem with them. (Had you used motorcycle helmet laws, here, on the other hand…)

ATM cards have passwords on them? I never put money into an ATM, so this kind of thing doesn’t affect me. But, yes, if I did so and was told I needed to have a password, I’d tell them to insert the card somewhere dark and go see if the doctor refuses to remove it because he doesn’t have a password for it.

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Yes, that’s what I mean. And it may be a bug, but it is a universal bug. Voicemail figures out who you are by the caller id of the phone contacting it. This is true for about every voicemail system on earth.

So yes, Republic made a decision for your safety AND your convenience (in case of a misplaced or damaged phone). Other carrier may or may not require the same. Hopefully it’s not a deal breaker for you.

Hi @burrito,

You can access voicemail without a PIN from the Visual Voicemail in the Phone app, unless you are still using the DEFY XT. The PIN is required for dial-in access.

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