Does RW callblocker work with Truecaller?


I just chose to block spam calls and voicemails. I already have Truecaller. Do I need to remove TrueCaller, or do they work together?


As the Republic functionality works in the network, it shouldn’t interfere with anything on the phone.


Thank you for responding. I didn’t know since Truecaller also blocks calls.


The difference being the TrueCaller app blocks calls once they reach your phone. Republic’s new feature preemptively blocks calls it identifies as spam before they reach your phone.

Therefore, in theory, you have the best of both worlds. If Republic identifies the call as spam, it never reaches your phone. Should an unwanted call make it past Republic’s preemptive block, TrueCaller will block it for you on your phone.


Thank you for your answer. I really appreciate it.


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