Does RW have a 5G Phone that operates on 5G?

Does RW have a 5G Phone that actually operates on 5G?

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For anyone interested in 5G connectivity (now or future) a Tips & Tricks contribution by @louisdi may be worthwhile reading

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I’m going to disagree with Republic’s official note. I’ve submitted a suggested correction because my experience is while not “officially supported” there is a difference in speed between 5G on and off in 5G areas (NSA) so I think it is wrong.

That said I still think that 5G is a big “who cares” right now. On some networks (AT&T) it is actually slower than 4G. On others (Verizon) it is much faster but available in only really small areas. On T-Mobile its fine, but nothing that is going to change your life.

I’d ask, what’s the goal? What are you doing today, or 90 days from now, that needs 5G coverage now? Especially on Republic where you’re paying by the GB, worrying about 5G seems silly.


It would be great to see a projected timeline for when RW will support 5G.


In my case Id like faster 5G service because when my internet provider (Centurylink) has issues or something happens on my end that causes issues with it I am pushed back to rely on my RW phone which currently sits at mostly 3G speed around my neighborhood. If I had a nice 5G signal and could depend on that for a backup Id gladly pay for more data until my regular provider got back up running.

Faster is and always will be better…

That’s the thing LTE is plenty fast. If you had LTE you could get 20Mbps-60Mbps. I get over 120Mbps on LTE in my area. At 60Mbps you’re burning $5 of data every 2.6 minutes. You want to be able to do it faster than that?

I get you don’t have 4G in your area, but that likely means it’ll be dead last to get 5G.

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Dead last…Dont go breaking my heart. I just got the 5G ace :wink:

Any answer for the original question anyone?

The answer is No…RW does have capable phones but does not offer 5G service as of today. Im hopeful the Dish buyout may expedite its arrival.

Thank you.

Republic does not officially offer 5G phone service. 5G phones on Republic’s GSM SIM in areas where T-Mobile has their 5G NSA service will make and receive a 5G connection however “unofficial” it is.

So they don’t actually offer it in the service agreement, it just happens to work in some random areas

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Not some random areas. Everywhere T-Mobile has NSA 5G which is the vast vast majority of their 5G coverage. So, almost nationwide.

So you’re saying Republic offers 5G nationwide? Is that what you say, or what Republic says?

Hi @syfr,

This is correct. As you can see on our website, our plans include talk, text, and (if data is purchased) 4G LTE data.

However, we do not block 5G NSA from working, nor do we charge extra for it.

I would disagree with @stay_thirsty on this.
As the original question was posed, “Does RW have a 5G phone that operates on 5G” the answer is yes, we support several phones that are 5G capable. And if the question meant to imply “that operates on 5G on Republic’s plans” then, again, the answer is yes - where 5G NSA is available, these phones will operate on 5G.

Well I do have a 5G phone the Motorola Ace but I’ve never seen it on 5G nor did anywhere on RW site indicate 5G was currently available. I brought the phone because I wanted to be prepared when they do “officially” offer 5G service.

So I guess I still agree with myself that even though 5G phones are offered and can be purchased you will not see any verbiage on their website that says buy our 5G phone and you will get 5G service today

Can you get a 5G phone? Yes
Can you get 5G service on a plan? No

The question doesn’t say can you get 5G phone and 5G service randomly on a 4G plan

Thank you very much for the clear and authoritative answer.

5G and limited data plans are not obvious marketing pairs, so it will be interesting to see how Republic adapts in selling this service when it is part of the official offering.

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I agree that our plans specify 4G LTE. There’s too much confusion in the marketplace about 5G NSA and 5G SA and an awful lot of hype about 5G in general. We’ve made an intentional decision to avoid the hype for now, because we’d rather have people look down at their phones and be surprised and pleased to see 5G when they aren’t expecting it, than to have some expectation of 5G and be disappointed that they don’t see it all the time.

This is a screenshot from my phone when I was at my vet’s office in April. You’ll notice the 5G icon, but also that the speeds are not particularly impressive. (Another good reason why we aren’t ready to join in on all the hype.)

We also have to consider that many of our members are still using Sprint’s network, and I think the majority of 5G NSA coverage is going to be on T-Mobile’s network.

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