Does RW offer virtual phone numbers?

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Hi @number,

We do not offer phone numbers that are not associated with a service line.

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Thank you. Not sure what this means “not associated with a service line”. Anyway it sounds like the answer is no ?

What’s the context of the question?

Our numbers are VoIP numbers, and some would consider that to be a virtual phone number. So if you’re asking because a service like Venmo has told you they won’t validate a virtual phone number then the answer to your question would probably be, yes.

But we don’t offer additional numbers so multiple numbers can ring your phone, or numbers you can use to call and text from a computer. So if you were wanting something like a Google Voice experience, then the answer to your question would be, no.

Maybe you even had something else in mind?


I’m not familiar with Venmo or Google Voice. I closed all my google accounts a few years ago. I don’t have access to Google Play Store.

I’d like to have disposable numbers to give out when I’m selling a table saw or a letterpress tray or something on craigslist. Those calls would ring on my one cell phone. And I’d be able to make a call from my one cell phone that would appear to the other party as coming from the disposable number.

That is not what Republic offers. They offer a phone number associated with phone service. In addition their service currently runs only on very specific Android phones with Google services enabled (although iPhones are in beta testing).

Supposedly, one can buy/install any of the 3rd party apps that provide exactly that functionality. RW doesn’t offer such?

Republic Wireless does not offer disposable numbers.

If such functionality is available through compatible, third-party Android apps, then that would be an option for you.


Would buying a second RW plan (but not a second phone) get me halfway there?

I’m sorry to say, Republic does not offer what you want. There is a 1 to 1 relationship between Republic lines and phones. They don’t offer multiple numbers on the same device, disposable numbers or anything that you’re looking for in this thread.

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I thought it was possible to have calls to one RW phone forwarded to a second RW phone?

It is not possible to forward calls from one Republic phone to another. Republic forwarding does not allow forwarding to another Republic number.

Wow, that’s really limiting, for example for a family all on RW !

It doesn’t appear to be an issue for most customers. A family all on Republic (like mine) each have their own phones. I’m not interested in getting calls for my son and he’s certainly not interested in forwarding the calls from his phone to me. Why would we want to do that?

What’s the point of this document? It confirms exactly what I said, “This service is called Voicemail Forwarding and only works when forwarding from your Republic Wireless phone to a non-Republic Wireless phone number.”

It’s a second opinion for others reading this thread.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand. A second opinion about what?

about your post

I guess I’m just not going to understand. My post has two things in it:

  1. My informed opinion that forwarding from one Republic phone to another isn’t a big deal that a lot of folks care about. My opinion is formed from reading these forums every day for the last 5 years and being one of the folks that helps Republic with tickets and customer queries. The issue rarely comes up. That said, the article doesn’t address this in any way.

  2. My assertion that you can’t forward from one Republic phone to another, which is confirmed by the article you posted.

So how it is somehow a second opinion to something I said, I just don’t understand.

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