Does RW plan to support RCS messaging?

The recent Syniverse hack news reminded me about the importance of encrypting communications wherever possible. I use Signal where I can, but many of my contacts aren’t willing to make that jump. The end-to-end encryption offered by RCS in Google Messages would be a nice privacy boost. Does RW have plans to support RCS? If so, when?


Just FYI, you can use RCS, but should you run into issues, you may be asked by RW support to disable it. There’s some wonky stuff that goes along with RCS. Republic cannot effectively troubleshoot texting issues using RCS since it bypassing their network all together.

One problem with RCS is that when you swap phones, if RCS is not disabled on the old phone, RCS threads will continue to route to the old phone. You just need to be aware of stuff like that, and you can use it.

Also, RCS is mostly available on GSM so if you’re on CDMA, it probably isn’t supported.

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Here’s the thing, there really isn’t anything for companies like Republic to support. Google has made Google Messages work around the carriers, like iMessage, for RCS. When RCS is enabled messages bypass Republic entirely, not using their systems. As far as Republic is concerned these messages are a data packet like any other.

So, that creates a number of issues in that Republic has no way to troubleshoot. When messages don’t show up, they never touched Republic and so Republic has no way to figure out what’s going on. RCS also requires data so people that have RCS and are on the talk/text plan don’t get and can’t send RCS when away from wifi and then complain to Republic about not getting messages until they return home.

Bottom line, Republic tells people to turn it off because it is impossible to troubleshoot and isn’t part of your Republic service, but customers think of it as “texting” and think the cell phone company can help with issues. It’s a no-win situation for Republic (or frankly any phone company).

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Thank you @mb2x and @louisdi. I now understand the good and the bad of chat features (RCS) to some extent. The ugly, I may encounter later, should I choose to enable this feature. :wink:


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