Does RW support extended range LTE like T-Mobile does?


I think the GSM network will serve me well but wondering if we get all the perks that T-MOBILE customers do like band 12.

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Yes on the band 12, anything else like free streaming and netflix, direct tv any perks Tmo is advertising you need to be their customer. RW buys service from them and resells to you. RW does not get the perks with purchased service for a MVNO.

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HI bocephous

I might add go to specturm analyzer an check TMO 700MGHZ is you wil find they dont have band 12 in lots of the US.

Some TV station are grandfartherd in an US Celuar covers a lot of area. Idont have it have here where i live in

Northen CA. because of USCellar.




EDIT My fi phone does on USCelluar have band12. But none on TMO.


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Hi @telemon1,

There’s some indication that TMO and U.S. Cellular intend to implement an LTE roaming agreement on 700 MHz in early 2017. Apparently, the hold up is U.S. Cellular flipping the switch on VoLTE:



But will MVNOs (in general, and Republic in particular) be given access? or only T-Mo direct customers?



My understanding is Republic has access to the roaming partners of its GSM partner. Whether Republic and other MVNOs will have access to this apparent forthcoming roaming agreement remains to be seen. I’d say in the next 2-3 years as 5G technologies take hold and LTE becomes legacy technology CDMA will finally meet its well deserved demise. When everyone is effectively GSM, the possibilities for future roaming agreements become considerably more interesting.



Hi rolanda

I agree but one thing I have run into on RW magenta is it will not roam here in my part of the state at all

I have lost the signal more than once no roaming a couple of miles later have a good sig… I know that a att

tower was close by also VZ,USCELUAR but no roaming That is why I went back to FI Have had no tbl.


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