Does rw support Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra

Does rw support Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra

Yes, if it’s the specific model outlined here, as always Supported Phones will always provide you a link to check


Hi @perry.d,

We support the factory unlocked version of the S21 Ultra. This is the version that has no carrier branding. If the phone was bought from another cellular service, it is probably not supported.

I was planning on buying one possibly like a Best buy or online and I just wanted to be sure it would work with Republic wireless. Will Republic wireless be selling that model in the near future?
Thanks for your help

Republic will not be restocking the S21. It is approaching the end of its life as Samsung will announce the S22 line early in 2022. The chip shortage has made near term restock impossible and even places like Best Buy are mostly sold out of the S21.

I will check.
Thanks for your help

Thanks for letting me know,
I will just wait till RW offers something like that in the future.
Appreciate your help

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