Does RW Upgrade phones ever?

I have a Moto g4 and although I like I really like my daughters Moto z. Is there ever a time RW will take trades?

No. Not that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been here since day 1. There was a Motorola loyalty rebate a long time back, but that was a Motorola thing, not a Republic Wireless thing. The phone is yours. You can always sell it yourself (and likely for substantially more money than any trade program).

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Since this is a discussion, how would you like a program like this to work?

  • How long should we offer a trade in? 1 or 2 years? Longer?
  • Should we offer full market value and take a loss or give less than market to recoup?
  • How much should we inspect the returned phone? Should we charge back if it is not “as advertised”?
  • What should we do with the returned phone?
  • Should we charge anything for this? Shipping?

This is a challenging subject. While other carriers do it, it is not always the value it appears. Those costs are made up elsewhere. We try to remove those added costs from our model.


For what it’s worth, I’ve never seen a carrier or store trade-in program that offered better value than selling a previously used phone myself. If companies in the business like Gazelle and NextWorth can’t do it, I don’t see how Republic would.

I just want to understand expectations whether they are doable or not. We can narrow down to the possible later.

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All good as to selling myself but sometimes you don’t want the hassle and are willing to take a hit on price.
I did think that companies need phone to replaced warranty issues and trades in would help with that.

Republic had launched this a long time ago, but then I never heard anything more:

Personal aside… Here’s an example of how bad these programs usually are: Samsung is offering Note 7 users a loyalty trade-in program where they’ll take their old phones for a credit towards a Note 8. A customer with an S7 Edge gets $300. This is double what Nextworth offers ($155). Take a look at eBay. Users should be able to get $400 or more. For these programs to work for the carrier, they have to be terrible for the consumer.


We get enough of those from 14 day guarantee returns. We could obviously resell the phones, as used, to other users if they are in very good shape, most would have to be broken down for parts or sent off to recycle.

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I was thinking of more like a credit towards a new or used phone of an upgrade type only but I was assuming 50 -75 dollars not to hurt company or consumer too bad along with keeping customer happy to some degee. One could sit and go through bullet points and find middle ground to stand on.

So when the Member wants to get a new phone, we would do the following?

  • Charge full price while we wait for the returned phone to arrive and be triaged or give credit up front?
  • Give a credit to the account for the resale price of the phone less any additional wear and handling (triage & Shipping)?
  • If the phone is not resellable credit back nothing? (still free shipping and triage)

I bet people would want us to credit them before we get the phone and to cover triage and would probably be very angry if their phone failed (we have experience with this type of anger). I am not against this, we have looked at how to do this and are always willing (and often do) eat some cost to make customers happy.

The worry is, will we make the customer happy and lose money on this or will we lose money and still not make the customer happy. The devil is in the details.

All this would do is drive up cost for everyone. This needs to stay the way it is in my opinion, because people like to abuse the system . If a customer wants a new phone, then get a new phone…


I don’t see a lot of difference between a phone on sale or or giving 50 credit for trade in exchange company does have a phone if it meets check up that could be sold as used.

There’s a fairly significant difference. First, sales aren’t ongoing programs. Do you think a trade program that popped up every once and a while and then went away would be worth it?

Two, people don’t think they’re entitled to a certain amount of a discount when there’s a sale. Do you think customer that are offer $50 for their phones that sell for $450 on ebay would be satisfied customers?

Third, sales are often done in conjunction with the manufacturer, or to clear out inventory of a specific model. Do you think customers would be happy with a trade program that was “For the next 14 days you can get $50 for your trade towards only the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge”?

Fourth, sales don’t saddle Republic with used inventory that must be inspected and recycled or otherwise disposed of. Do you think customers will be happy waiting for a credit for their traded item until an inspection is complete and how many customers will be angry when they are told their phones are worth $0 due to some defect? Who should Republic charge more to to cover the costs of administering this program?

Fifth, why in the world would someone want $50 to trade-in a phone when Republic would have offered that same $50 for a sale without the phone?

Comparing the two is just downright silly.

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