Does RW use email to text?


When I was at Verizon, people could email from their email address to my phone text by using something like, then I will get a text message in my phone.

Does RW has something like that? Since my current job requires that some Linux server email me information about issues with database via email to my cellular text… Please help.

Regards, Carlos R. Jimenez.


Yes, see this document to enable email to SMS.


Please update your post to remove personal info such as phone number…and full name…This is a public forum.


The link provided does not give any information. What is the domain used to send e-mails to txt such as [phone number] or something.


Hi @chistopherc.tiixyp,

You’ve replied to a year-old thread. In that time, the link to Republic’s documentation has changed. Please see here: How to Enable the Email to SMS feature – Republic Help.