Does RW use sim cards that read as if they're from verizon?


I lost my phone at burning man this year. My poor lost phone was found, those at the lost and found looked at the sim card and claim it said verizon on it. I don’t recall what the sim card looked like when I installed it, do they look like that visually or read like that? Anyways, they sent my phone to verizon so that it could be reunited with it’s owner, but I’ve seen images of it on their website AND I KNOW ONE HUNDRED PERCENT that device is mine. I"ve reached out to the verizon contact and am awaiting an email back from them. The device is powered, but is locked and is in airplane mode so I cannot change the splash screen. I know it sounds like a dumb question but I thought maybe someone would know if this is possible.


There is no Republic SIM card that reads Verizon. Older generation phones may have one that reads “Sprint”, but not Verizon. All new phones have “Republic” marked cards.


Hi @christinef.aqs49l,

Neither of Republic’s cellular partners is Verizon and no Republic SIM would have Verizon markings on it. All I can think of is someone changed the SIM before your phone ended up at lost and found or the folks at lost and found were mistaken.

If your phone is still active with Republic, you may see its IMEI/MEID number when signed into your Republic account here: It will be listed as the Device ID underneath the graphic representing your phone. Perhaps, that will help convince Verizon of your ownership of the phone?


is the IMEI/MEID number the same as the device id? Can they see that like on a sticker on the back or something? I have a Moto g5 plus


It is the same as the Device ID. A phone’s IMEI/MEID is its electronic serial number. There wouldn’t likely be a sticker on the phone but if a Verizon representative dials *#06#, they’ll see the IMEI/MEID.


since my phone is locked, will they be able to dial that number? Sorry for asking so many questions!


No apology is needed. I’m sorry to say I did overlook the phone being locked. They will not be able to dial that string or use other on phone means of determining the IMEI/MEID. If you’re comfortable doing so, you could provide the screen lock password and then they would be able to do so.


Thank you, I’ll do that!


The fact that you’re able to provide a valid screen lock password should also prove that the phone is yours.


Because of my fingerprint recognition, they cannot get the phone to unlock with the code alone. Would it be possible for them to send it to Republic for verification? I would be happy to pay for shipping or whatever.


Republic has no way to unlock your phone. And fingerprints is a secondary means of unlocking. PIN overrides fingerprint so if you’re providing the correct PIN it would unlock without the fingerprints.


but could republic examine my sim, see that i"m the owner? As for the fingerprint security, if the phone has been powered down, which it has, it requires both the code and the print to open.


both are needed if any of these are true, I’m betting all of these apply to my phone * You’re restarting the phone.

  • More than 72 hours have passed since you have unlocked the phone.
  • You’re restarting the phone.
  • After 5 unsuccessful read attempts.


as you have a finger print the SIM will say Republic on it (any other carrier on it then it not a Republic SIM


If they’re saying the SIM says “Verizon” on it that isn’t a Republic SIM. The Republic SIM for the G5+ says “Republic”. As far as the list your provided, I’m a bit baffled, where does that come from? That list isn’t “both” are needed, it is “PIN is needed”. After restarts, after 5 unsuccessful finger print attempts and at least 72 hours after last unlock you may NOT use the fingerprint and MUST use the PIN, not both.


oh ■■■■, I’m sorry, this is my fault for not providing you with a better update. Burning man got back to me today, they realized they were in error, the sim IS republic and they acknowledged that today. they have it in their office, now I just need to prove it’s mine. Please forgive me, I have mental illness issues and I’m honestly freaking out so it makes it so I cannot think straight. I should’ve provided better intel to you.


I got the fingerprint info here,6720,10165


Wow, that’s terribly written (the Moto documentation). They’re missing some key information there and that is that someone needs to touch the fingerprint sensor, but the fingerprint doesn’t need to match. In fact if they do it five time you’re forced to use the PIN INSTEAD. That’s just terrible documentation from Motorola.


Hi @christinef.aqs49l,

I’ll DM you the phone’s SIM card’s ICCID so you can provide it to the lost and found office to confirm this is your phone.


If they powered it up, it may show the location from You may even be able to make it ring while someone is holding on to it.