Does Sprint still roam to Verizon on the 2.0 plans?

I recently changed phones (Moto e 1st gen to Moto g 3rd gen staying on the 2.0 plan). RW support sent me a SIM card to activate cellular service, but so far I have been unsuccessful, that is, it show I have cell service, but nothing will connect, even where I used to be able to (with the moto e). Previously it would show the little triangle by the cell symbol, indicating it was roaming (to Verizon I assume), but I now longer get the roaming triangle. Is anyone else experiencing this? Does it no longer roam to Verizon? If it doesn’t, I will have to leave RW as I apparently cannot connect via cell in my area.

Republic service roams where ever Sprint does. This does NOT mean all Verizon towers. Sometimes it roams to US Cellular, or other local CDMA carriers, or not at all. Have you tried the standard troubleshooting steps? Make and Receive a Phone Call – Republic Help


Did this with Carl, and just tired again. I did not update the PRL or Profile again however (again, did this with Carl about 2 hours ago). Sows I have cell service, but I cannot connect. Thanks though

Just a quick note, again I WAS able to connect and make cell calls (roaming) from the SAME locations I cannot now. So something is amiss. Just wondering if anyone else is having this experience with their phone using Sprint now. Again, this has occurred after changing phones, and I’m supposedly still on the 2.0 plan. Unfortunately I will have to leave RW if this is not a problem that can be corrected.

I can’t see a reason that a G3 should have different coverage than an E1. Did you go directly from one to the other in the same location?

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I tried the gen 3 in several areas where the moto e worked previously and I could not connect (with the gen 3). I drove over 5 miles around my neighborhood in areas that the Moto e worked previously, usually with the roaming triangle showing, and I never once got the roaming triangle and I could never place a call (with the gen 3). I could always place calls from my home on cell, but now, I cannot. I see a signal on my phone, but it is not roaming. I’ve always had a problem calling with Sprint only in my area, but with the roaming, I could. It is not roaming now, so I cannot connect.

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How long since you used the Moto E in the area?

About 3 days

Ok, so unlikely that roaming changed on the network. I think you’re at the point of opening a ticket and pointing to this thread.

I’ve opened a ticket already this afternoon (no answer yet). I was just doing some background work before considering leaving RW if support can’t help.

Support will likely walk you through an MSL reset which hopefully will resolve things for you.

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What’s an MSL reset I hope it resolves things, I’d really like to stay with RW, but a cellular phone with no cell service isn’t much good.

basically a super factory reset that also wipes the carrier’s network information
(I had it done on 2 different phones for roaming issues)

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It is quite possible the PRL is different on the two phones, perhaps having never been updated on the E, or needing to be updated on the G.

@waynes.z1j4g2, Republic hasn’t changed anything about roaming between the two phones you’ve named, but it’s possible Sprint’s roaming agreement with the towers in your area has changed. Someone helping in your ticket has likely already suggested it, but if not, please try updating the PRL at Settings > System update > Update PRL.

Hi Southpaw, I did update both the PRL and the profile on the Moto G. I’m not touching my wife’s phone, as they say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. My wife’s phone shows the roaming triangle by the cellular symbol, and I can make cell phones from her phone (as I used to be able to with my old Moto E). But I do not have the triangle on the Moto G, and I cannot make phone calls when calling from the exact location (my recliner :wink: I also drove about 5 miles from my home, where I had cell service and roaming with my old Moto E, and the same results with the Moto G…no triangle, no ability to make calls. It does show some cellular service, but it will not connect.

Ah. I hope you have this information in your ticket.

Whenever the phone has access to native Sprint service, it will stay connected to that tower, not switch to roaming. If you’re seeing that the phone has a cellular connection but is not roaming, that’s likely what is happening - your Moto G may be more capable than the Moto E of staying connecting to your nearest Sprint tower, unfortunately that means it stays connected even when the service is so weak that it is unusable.

What phone does your wife have?

Have you by any chanced checked to see if our GSM coverage might be better in your area?

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Yes, I have relayed that information to support regarding showing cell service. You could be right, but it has shown 2-3 bars at times, but still won’t connect. It doesn’t make much sense. My wife has a first gen Moto E, which is what I had previously. If you’re referring to T mobile, I’ve read a lot of negative information about their coverage in rural areas, even if it shows on their coverage map that there is coverage.

I think it’s best then to leave the troubleshooting to the ticket, so we aren’t asking you to do things you’ve already done.

In general, if the Moto E works in your area, the Moto G should as well, especially if it’s showing 2-3 bars of signal strength. Please continue to work with our support team. Your original question specifies this is a roaming issue, but if your phone indicates it has a native signal, the issue may be something else. Please don’t give up on us until we’ve fully exhausted all troubleshooting.

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Hello. I found this post after noticing I have not had a roaming connection for months. I have been revisiting areas I had experienced roaming before, but now I only get unusable signal, dropped calls, no data, no network available for either calls or data. Thanks to Wi-Fi I wasn’t completely out of service on some of those areas.

PRL update succeeded via WiFi while in the low signal area, but no sign of roaming returning after the PRL update completing. Even after a reboot.

Republic app has the roaming data option active.

I opened a ticket, but would like to know if your phone is back to being able to access roaming.

I am anxiously waiting for improvements on the magenta network to arrive over here, but in the meantime I need my roaming.


my sense is that the republic agreement with sprint may have changed. if you check your coverage using the roaming area zip; it wil state ’ you will not be able to make cell calls from this area’ or some such. it is probably ‘new activation’ that are limited.

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