Does the Galaxy J7 have MST on it?


I’m getting conflicting results from Google. Does the Samsung Galaxy J7 have MST on it? My wife is always losing her credit cards and I want to get her a phone with MST and a simple case she can put her ID and one card in. I’m hoping for the J7 because it is the most reasonably priced. A Reddit forum says it does have MST but I just asked a RW guy through the chat and he said it doesn’t. Any help or suggestions is appreciated!

(I had previously mis-typed and written S7)


Hi @nathanr.676l6a,

I believe the answer is yes. The Galaxy S7 supports Samsung Pay which supports both MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) and NFC (Near Field Communications). Samsung Pay’s competitors Google Pay and Apple Pay support only NFC.

At this point, the S7 is a two-year old phone that you may have difficulty sourcing new. It’s successor was the S8 and now the S9. More on sourcing Republic compatible phones here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.


The S7 is listed as for sale on the RW website, so I’m hoping I can get it! It doesn’t say out of stock when I add it to the cart. I plan on just buying a phone from RW so I don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Thanks for your reply!


Hi @nathanr.676l6a,

I do not see the S7 on Republic’s website. Might you be referring to the J7: If so, I can say definitively, the 2018 J7 does not support MST or Samsung Pay. It does support NFC and Google Pay.


Oops! I did mean the J7. Sorry! And thanks for your help!


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