Does the gear4 Smoke Wembley Case for the Moto G Stylus come with a screen protector?

I’m probably going to get the Moto G Stylus from Republic Wireless. I want a case to go with it. I’ve had Otterbox cases before, but I’m potentially interested in trying out the gear4 Smoke Wembley case for the Moto G Stylus. Does it come with a screen protector? I ideally want a case that covers the whole phone and can help it withstand drops potentially from my pocket and/or table and etc.

Hi @aFloridian,

I don’t have that specific case handy, but I do have the Wembley for the G Power, and it does not have a screen protector, so I would imagine that to be consistent across different phone models. Let us know what you end up deciding on!


@southpaw Thanks for that info. I’ll let you know what I purchase. I’ll be getting a phone + case this Sunday. I just saw on ebay some screen protectors that I can buy, which I might do as well.

I just remember a long time ago, I bought a mp3/video playing device, and within the first few days, I cracked the screen. Afterwards, I bought a case. Since then, I’ve tried to make sure I get a case before I do something to my phone that may crack it…

I completely understand! I am stressing right now because no case exists for a phone I’m testing, and stereotypical lefty that I am, I just know I’m going to fumble it before the test is over.

If you’re going to go with a separate screen protector rather than an all-in-one case+screen protector, I’ll be glad to send you the one-and-only Stylus case I have in the Community Treasure Chest. It’s the Speck Presidio Lite. I’m sure you can look that up and see what you think, and let me know.

Thanks so much @southpaw. :slight_smile: I would like to take you up on that offer. I just bought the Moto G Stylus from Republic Wireless, and I’m going to get a seperate screen protector as well.

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