Does the Google now voice command work from sleep on Moto g4 plus?

Bought the Moto g4 for xmas. We set up the phone. However, we can’t get the Google now command to work from sleep. We’ve had other Moto phones and they’ve always worked from sleep. Right now the phone has to be awake to work.

Check the onboard Moto Help … see Device Help - It’s on your phone !!

  • On my Moto X Pure, I found the info on Learn/Popular topics/Use voice command and search … where it explains it and shows how to Train the launch phase etc
  • I don’t have a G4 to test with … sorry

Hi @halbertl

Do you remember which phone you used before that was able to wake when the phone was off? Do you remember what you said to wake the phone?

Waking the phone requires some special skill for the phone to be able to listen to you constantly while also saving on power. The older Moto X had an extra low power chip just to do it.

From looking at other tips ( ) and looking at my own phone (Moto X Pure), the Google app can only support the wake word OK Google when the phone is on or if the phone is plugged in.

Otherwise, for my phone, I have to use the other wake word “OK Moto X” which uses the Moto app on the phone designed to wake the phone up.


We had the 1st and 2nd gen Moto X’s. It was Okay Google for both phones… I looked at the settings and it looks like “trusted voice” was off. I turned that on and it is working.

Thanks for the help!

On the X’s (upgraded to Lollipop) you can train them to a phrase other than “OK Google Now”.

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