Does the LG K30 have NFC capability?

Does anyone know if the LG K30 offered by Republic has NFC capability. An internet search shows that the ones on the open market have NFC, but it is not listed on the specs for the Republic version. Thanks. John

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According to @billg’s Tip’s and Tricks page, No it does not have NFC.
That is to say at least the ones that are supported by RW.

Detailed Supported Phone Features

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Here is the official LG Spec Sheet:
No mention of NFC which confirms the Republic Specs, this phone does not have NFC.


Thanks for the information. This is why I asked the question: “The K30 comes with Near Field Communications (NFC) functionality for transferring content with other NFC-enabled devices.” I found it here:
Guess I’ll keep looking for an NFC phone that works on Republic. John

No need to keep looking. The chart that @SuperT linked to tells you every compatible phone that has NFC.

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I missed that. Thanks.

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I would think no budget phone model has NFC…some mid-range don’t even have it.

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