Does the Moto G (4th gen) have a fingerprint access option?

Moto G (4th) have fingerprint technology?

no the Moto G4 does not have a fingerprint reader (the Moto G4 Plus did but republic is no longer selling those, you can still bring on as a BYOD option)

the Moto G5 Plus, and the Moto Z, Moto Z play also have the finger print reader

Thank you. I’m not a fan of fingerprint tech, so good to know it does not. Am I correct in assuming the Moto X Pure lacks it as well?

that is correct the Moto X pure also lacks the finger print reader

Most helpful. Thanks again.

Hi @jkm.01vfz7,

For what it’s worth, no phone I’ve owned with a fingerprint sensor has required setup and use of that feature. Not suggesting you should pay for a feature you don’t want but if a phone is otherwise attractive to you, you might simply ignore the fingerprint sensor.

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