Does the Moto G7 from work with Republic?

Can I go purchase this G7 at, I want the ceramic black which you show Out Of Stock. Thanks Keith

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Yes. The unlocked G7 will work with Republic.

Hello, So I’ve ordered the phone, do I need to order a new sim card or can I use the 1 from the phone I am currently using on the RW network? Thanks Keith

What make/model do you have now?
If you’re on the My Choice plan then please use the link below to tell us if if you have a GSM or CDMA SIM installed in your current Republic phone.

This link should also come in handy when you get your new phone. :slight_smile:

Presently have the G5 plus and the sim is GSM.


You will be able to move the SIM from your Moto G5 Plus to your new “ceramic black!” G7 without a problem. :slight_smile:
(But if you do have one… we’re here) :wink:

Hope you enjoy the new phone!

Here is how to activate the new Phone:

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