Does the Moto X Gen1 still work with RW?

I’ve been with RW for several years, and I have 3 original MotoX Gen1 phone sitting in a desk draw after upgrading to newer phones last year. I didn’t see this phone listed in the BYOP plan, so I wonder if they will still work with RW? Is it worth putting them on eBay?

I think I read somewhere, these phones have a custom ROM, so they are only good for RW.

If they still work with RW, then I think they would be a good starter phone for some kid getting their first smart phone.

Thank you

Yes you can … details here

ETA: Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help


Thank you for the quick reply! Off to ebay to find a buyer.


Hi @brickb,

You might consider Swappa as a venue to sell rather than eBay. Generally, you’ll get a better price there.


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