Does the republic wireless app support call forwarding?

I entered another cell phone number into the republic wireless app for call and voicemail settings. It was a different carrier than republic wireless.

However the cell I called from, a rw phone ,didn’t forward to the cell phone on another carrier. I used for call and voicemail setting —> voicemail forwarding, why?



Hi @lesc,

Our service does not offer call forwarding. It offers voicemail forwarding.

For voicemail forwarding to work, the call has to be routed to voicemail. This means the phone whose inbound calls you want to forward needs to be turned off, or left unanswered, so the calls are directed to voicemail. Then, instead of going to RW voicemail, they’ll go to the other cell phone whose number you entered in the app.

We’re not forwarding your calls, we’re forwarding your voicemail.

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