Does the seamless wifi calling still work the same under the new plan

Does the wifi calling still work the same under the 5.0 plan?

Wifi calling is not going to function like the my choice as republic new plans are dropping the wifi 1st and are moving to the new backbone carrier (AT&T) version of Wifi calling, note not all phones are certified for wifi calling by them and those phones will not have this feature

Since WiFi calling is listed as a primary feature of each of the new plans, we should assume that all of the phones in the store are certified for this feature. We shouldn’t be asked to go to AT&T to determine if our phones have this feature. If my Moto G Power phones don’t work with WiFi calling when the new SIM cards arrive, I’m leaving. It should be up to RW to test and confirm this.

phones purchased from Republic store since the new plans are all certified and have this feature some phones in the past may not be just like some phones sold under the 3.0 are not listed as compatible phones on 5.0

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The Moto G Power phones that were compatible with the My Choice plans appear to be certified and fully compatible with the new 5.0 plans.

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From a user perspective this answer is largely yes. I suspect you don’t care what the exact technological mechanism for wifi calling is. As long as all you care about is whether you’ll be able to make a wifi call, then yes, it’ll work the same as long as you have a compatible device. All phones sold by Republic moving forward will be capable of wifi calling on the new network (as well “certified” phones bought elseswhere).

As others have observed, all phones sold at Republic’s online store since its reopening are, by definition, certified.

I agree that all My Choice compatible phones need to be tested by Republic for WiFi calling compatibility with 5.0 plans. What AT&T says should work on its network is all well and good, however, I’m a trust but verify guy.


This is good news. I spent quite a bit of time going over AT&T’s list of approved WiFi calling phones, and comparing it with Motorola’s specs and in many cases they didn’t match. For example, AT&T listed the Moto G Play as compatible, but not the Moto G Power. The Motorola specs didn’t list either of them as compatible. Maybe it was just a testing glitch, or that the lists were simply not up to date. In any event, it’s good to know that RW has tested and certified these models. It’s a very important feature for many RW customers who don’t have adequate cellular service at home.

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Unfortunately, I didn’t say they had been tested, I said they need to be tested. It’s possible they already have been but I do not know that. I have been seeking and continue to seek clarity on that.

I just perused AT&T’s list. I fear that it’s problematic for many of us.

Without WiFi calling, I will be forced to move, as new phones are not in the cards. Arg.

I want to know if it will work seamless. If it will automatically switch to wifi, if one is available, when cell coverage drops. Also, how long will the current plans last. The ones that use T-Mobile. Can’t switch to AT&T since they are not ethical.

As I understand it, 5.0 plan calls can switch between Wi-Fi and cellular when in an area supporting HD Voice (VoLTE). The vast majority of AT&T’s network supports VoLTE. If you refuse to switch to 5.0 because these plans use AT&T, you won’t have to worry about it. The My Choice plans should continue to use the same Wi-Fi calling system they always have, until they cease to exist. When that might occur is anyone’s guess.