Does the sim card and memory card in the moto G4 plus work in the moto G5 plus

I had the moto G4 plus but i want all my memories, contacts, etc from the moto G4 plus to transfer to the new moto G5 plus that I’m getting. will that work?

the SD card can be moved between devices (it just a storage device{drive})

the SIM would depend on if the Moto G4 plus is on the Republic GSM partner(T-Mobile) network or the CDMA partner(Sprint) network

if GSM partner then yes it can be moved over to another Republic 3.0 approved Phone

If CDMA partner then it can not be moved over as CDMA SIMs (LTE SIMS) are liked to the phone

if the Moto G4 was a Bring your own phone then you are on the GSM network

also most phones sold before Nov 2016 then it’s most likely the GSM network

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