Does the Verizon version of the pixel work on republic wireless

Hello, I have heard that google makes a branded version of the google pixel for Verizon, with the only thing being different, the boot animation. So, if I have an unlocked pixel from Verizon, will that work on republic wireless?

One way to find out is to load the Republic app on to the phone.

Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

The Verizon version is not compatible with Republic

  • Pixel by Google (G-2PW4100)*See more info below
    • (Apps → Settings → About phone → Regulatory labels → Model number)
  • Pixel XL by Google (G-2PW2100)*See more info below
    • (Apps → Settings → About phone → Regulatory labels → Model number)
      *For the Pixel, Pixel XL, Samsung Galaxy J3 and S6 phones only: In addition to matching the model number, you also need to match the build number. This additional step ensures that you’re receiving a Republic certified phone, meaning it’s been thoroughly tested by our engineers and has received updated quality improvements.

Some J3 phones have an older build number and can be updated to the build number listed below, so please make sure your J3 has all of its updates before checking the build number. To find the build number, tap Apps → Settings → About device → Build number. The build number must match one of the following:

For Pixel and Pixel XL

  • NDE63L

Hi @deanp.nsucll,

Surprisingly, I’ve heard it is. That said (to the best of my knowledge), the only outlets selling the Verizon branded variant are Best Buy and Verizon itself. You would need to get one of those outlets to agree to sell you the phone without tying it to a Verizon account. Verizon certainly won’t and Best Buy (as far as I know) is not supposed to.

but what is the verizon pixel build number? And if it is different can’t I flash the NDE63L


No guarantees that will work and the RW app would accept it. I don’t know the verizon build but Best buy or verizon would know. Have you looked for the NDE63L build yet? Is it even available?

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Yeah but I can get it from verizon and then get it unlocked?


Why not buy the right phone first?

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Because of this

Best Buy - Google - Pixel 4G LTE with 32GB Memory Cell Phone - $9.99 /mo. for 24 months (Now includes $100 BB E-Gift Car…

It is available from google.


Not looking to buy a phone myself so I don’t know.

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Perhaps, but presumably one would need to pay the full cost of the phone first. I haven’t examined the details of the Slick Deals posts you reference (and have no intention of doing so). When one chooses to do something that is unsupported, one assumes the risk of things not working out. You’ll need to decide if any potential savings are worth the attempt. Personally unless the savings were significant (significant being an individual definition), I’d buy from Google.

The above said, unsupported does not always translate to won’t work. My understanding is that any of the three November builds will work but am certainly not in a position to guarantee that nor is there any guarantee that Republic will support you if things don’t work out. According to the fine folks at XDA those November builds are:

NDE63U (Europe)
NDE63V (US, except Verizon)
NDE63X (Verizon)

I’ve requested Republic update its documentation to (at least) reflect November’s updates for the non-Verizon build.


Okay, so it is very possible. I personally know a couple of people that purchased the Best Buy deal over black friday and activated the Verizon Pixel on Republic. This is because the Verizon variant is the *exact same phone *aside from the locked bootloader. So, what you do (in the case of that fantastic Best Buy deal) is pay off the phone, unlock the bootloader, and flash the google factory image which is build NDE63V (or the other pixel builds that are compatible with republic) and then the republic app will allow you to run on the network. Not sure if that’s against Republic’s terms of service or not…

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Verizon says they do not lock their phones anymore. The RW App says the VZW Pixel is compatible on the one I tried.

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@handydjs: If you buy this phone, could you let us know if it works?

Has anyone successfully brought a Verizon Pixel or Pixel XL to Republic? I have a change to buy a Verizon Pixel for a really good price, but don’t have access to it to try the republic app. I don’t want to have to deal with flashing it. I tried looking at them at Verizon; however, they’re in demo mode and didn’t have access to the play store to install the republic app. The current Oreo build for the Pixel at verizon looks identical across the board from what I could tell.

Hi @bradleyl.aj2xvp,

As I understand it, the difference between the Verizon variant and the unlocked variant sold by Google is that the bootloader (not the phone itself) is locked. I know of folks successfully using “Verizon” Pixels with Republic but do not have one myself.

This applies to the original Pixels. Too soon to tell on the Pixel 2s.

Thanks - that is what I thought, but hadn’t been able to verify if someone actually got one working or not. The models are all the same, and the builds seemed to be identical in Oreo.

It works. Didn’t have to take any steps to unlock it. Just installed the RW GSM SIM card and away it went. The phone had never been activated on the Verzion network before, it was brand new.

FWIW, Verizon says that their newer phones are NOT locked to their network.

Model: The original Google Pixel SKU G-2PW4100-021-A

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