Does the WiFi-only plan work without WiFi (using another carrier's data)


I realize this is an unusual question. I need to use the WiFi-only plan in an area without WiFi… but my phone supports two SIM cards. I want to get a plan with another carrier that’s data-only… will the Republic Wireless app be able to send the calls over the data attached to the plan associated with the other SIM card?

Here’s why I need to do this. I’ll be traveling internationally and I know that Republic Wireless doesn’t support cellular service overseas. However, I can still use the WiFi plan overseas, right? This is how I plan on staying connected to my friends in the States.

There’s just one problem. My place over there has no WiFi. So, I’ll be using a lot of cellular data when I’m at my place. But will the Republic Wireless app know to use the other provider’s data? Or will it just complain about no WiFi?

If this won’t work, I can get myself a second phone and open up a WiFi hotspot for myself… but I’d prefer not to do this… My plan overseas doesn’t allow tethering and I don’t want them to catch me…

Thanks so much!!

Notable Newbies: Welcome!
Notable Newbies: Welcome!

Which Phone do you have? Republic does not support any Phone that is dual SIM
Republic supports only North American Factory unlock models of the phone here supported phones

the WiFi only plan is only for the Legacy Phones (the Custom ROM Moto {X1,X2,G1,G3,E1,E2})


No. R.W’a app and hybrid calling only works in the USA while using their partner carrier and a R.W. SIM.
It can not make use of some other carriers SIM card to route its service via that cell carrier.
As those articles posted above mention, if u use unrestricted wifi, u can make use of R.W. app and services to call USA numbers.


Technically, the Pixel 2 has dual SIM ability, eSIM and nano SIM.
Though, i think only Project FI support the eSIM as of right now.



Which model phone are you taking with you? Which model phone are you intending to have on the WiFi-only plan option? Thanks!


Thank you all so much for your help!

The phone I’ll be taking with me is the Moto G5 Plus.

It sounds like what I was hoping to do probably won’t work. I think I might have to pay extra for a plan which allows tethering. I have spare Moto E… I’ll use one phone to get a data plan and then I’ll probably open a WiFi hotspot for the other phone, which will use Republic’s WiFi plan.


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