Does this map show coverage?

Does this map show coverage?
If so, why does the website say it doesn’t have coverage?

Yes that area shows good coverage. I’m not sure where you are seeing a message that says you would not have coverage?

Coverage check using zip code indicates no service.

What’s up RW?

Please define:

Confident Coverage

We combine two of America’s largest 4G LTE cellular networks with the power of WiFi to give you better coverage, in more places, for less money.

It should show you GSM coverage since the CDMA coverage is all roaming.

Yup, just figured that out. I did verify that the GSM carrier does show good coverage for Avon, NC. so not sure where the error is coming from.

@williamo.vkbg0s Only one of the carriers is used. That is determined by many factors, not only the actual user address. No one can use both carriers at the same time though, or switch from one carrier to the other.

@seanr This is the message popping up for Avon, NC:

Please note: Your area does not have cellular coverage. Not in Avon, NC?

I saw and will pass it along. It SHOULD have said GSM ONLY.


Actually finally found the new links to Shop, Phones and Coverage last night.

Nice RW brought a map back but it obviously doesn’t indicate GSM versus CDMA coverage or roaming available on each network. seanr, many useful details are lacking and please pass those along as well. Thanks.

Thanks, we don’t live there, but will be going there. Last year we had CDMA and no coverage. Just wanted to clarify.Thanks everyone, didn’t think I had lost all my marbles, quite yet.

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Nationwide 4G LTE coverage

With the power of two of America’s largest networks, you’re always covered.

Always covered? Many of those of us realize only on one carrier.

RW’s recent changes to main site allude to something untrue.

Quite easy for a newbie to assume coverage per the returned map.

Current link from main RW site.

There are no links to your suggested ones.

RW makes many web site changes you are not aware of. It would be nice if they at least notified the forum of their latest and greatest so that we can offer current info…

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