Does txting use data (no pics)?

I am very confused.

I have a Moto Z play. I am not sure if this was true with my other phone, but it requires Data access to Text?

Why is my data being used by texting. I am suppose to have unlimited texting and calling.

This could be very very upsetting because should I be roaming and it costs my 16x the amount of data…I am suppose to be able to txt and call without it charging me

it shows all txt as sms…which means it will also cost the receiver data as well

Can anyone clarify this?

is this data your tracking in android setting or in the Republic data tracking area?

3.0 texting does use data but it should not be tracked against the tier of data you have (even the no data $15 has data for the Republic app for call routing and texting (text are done via IP and need a data channel and will show data usage in the Android settings

Hmm this would be difficult to check. Because it takes data to pull up Republic wireless app to see if a txt has used data. Do you have a suggestion?

You have a Moto Z play. That means you are on the Republic Wireless 3.0 plans. You have 1GB of data to use, there’s no refund for unused data, and you will not be able to use roaming data (the 16x thing was on the Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund ). Texts are all carried over data now, but they will not subtract from your 1GB allotment.

well this is unfortunate. In the cases where I go into roaming and my data automatically shuts off, it means that I cannot txt. In order to txt I will have to turn on data roaming and instantly all the apps that like to run data will start grabbing away.

But at least I understand that part now. Thank you.

You won’t be able to turn on data roaming at all for your use. Texts and whatever else Republic Wireless needs to use for operations will be the only things with the ability to access roaming data (as I understand it). Once again, the data Republic Wireless uses for texts and operations should not subtract from your 1GB data allotment.

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