Doesn't recognize my pin

What phone do you have? moto x4

What plan are you on? My Choice Talk & Text + 1 GB Cell Data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

I just let the phone run some updates and when it rebooted. It has me locked out. It no longer recognizes my pin number. I haven’t forgotten it. I use it for everything…

google tells you to ask moto
moto tells you to do a factory reset
make sure you know the account and password you used to set up the phone with.
most times that is the gmail account.
be sure you know. because it will ask you for them in order to set up the phone again.
if need be go to a computer and login to the gmail account with the password, again make sure you know the account and password. verify it. if you are wrong you will not be able to get pass the google security.

sum it up,
know for sure the account and password you used to set the phone up
that you have not changed the password in the last 72 hours.
factory reset the phone. via the buttons
hope you had everything backed up before the update
there is a bug in the update.
that is all I can tell you…

Hi @maryp.r0yyy3,

@thedoctor is correct in that a factory reset may be the only option. Before resorting to that, however, may we confirm after entering your PIN, you’re tapping the checkmark located under the number 9 on the lock screen?

Yes. And it informs me how many times I have incorrectly entered it. And now an alarm goes off.

Hi @maryp.r0yyy3,

I’m very sorry to hear that as the only known resolution when a Motorola phone refuses to accept a PIN, pattern or password is a factory reset from recovery. Republic’s guidance specific to your situation is here: How to Perform a Factory Reset on 3.0 Motorola Phones While Powered Off – Republic Help.

Thanks so much! This worked after a few hiccups. Fortunately Google and the cloud are restoring my contacts and apps for me.

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