Don't disable data on your Republic Wireless phone!


Okay, this might sound really dumb, but I think it will really help people out. So, I ran out of data and Republic gifted me a free gig, but for some reason it wasn’t working! I was frustrated because I wasn’t home and I really needed my data! Then I noticed I couldn’t text or make any calls, so I got confused and ever more frustrated. I thought: “doesn’t Republic allow calling and texting anywhere even when you don’t have data?” (Yes, it does like any other phone company, but I was questioning this after my experience.) Well then, I looked further into it and I remembered that turning the data on on your phone is different from turning it on in the Republic app. On my phone I had it set to turn data off after I reached a gig so that I knew I ran out. But if it turns off on your DEVICE, you can’t make calls/text if you aren’t around wifi.

So basically I’m just trying to clear this up:

  1. In order to have cellular coverage with Republic, you have to have your PHONE data on. (swipe down and turn data on). They need some sort of data or internet connection to give you service. That’s how they work and that’s why it’s affordable.

  2. If you don’t want your phone to be using up data while not connected to wi-fi, you have to go into the Republic Wireless app and turn data off. (Data freeze). But you can still text and make calls as long as the data on your PHONE is turned on.

  3. I don’t recommend ever turning off your phone data, because if you forget and you go out and about, you could miss calls or texts.


Thanks @jennab.u1mf3x this is solid advice for Republic customers. One should only disable data through the Republic App, and never through the android settings. Thanks for reminding everyone!


Hi @jennab.u1mf3x,

I’ve edited your title to bring the point front and center. This is a common step people take out of fear of surprise overages, and we really want everyone to understand we don’t charge overages and we do need data enabled in order for the phone to properly function.


Thank you! I was too lazy to learn for way too long. Thanks for the clarification. That is one thing I kept putting-off to figure out and then the hurricane came and I wasn’t sure how to save data. Fortunately, Republic had a big heart and donated more data for us and it was a lifesaver. jennab, here’s a kiss on the cheek xxxx


On my Pixel 2 there is toggle for “Data Saver” in the system settings. Is there any reason not to use this setting?


Good question, did a search and have questions myself.

First time I enabled Data saver on my G4 a message popped up to allow unrestricted data for the RW app when Data Saver on. Tapping OK lead me to RW app data usage settings to enable. I didn’t notice any issues and the G4 worked as advertised.

I haven’t read of any reasons for not using it except here: …How to Turn Off the Data Saver – Republic Help


Hi @etphonehome,

If you’re mindful of the fact that you have it enabled and can remember to disable it as an early troubleshooting step if you start to see issues, then I think you’d be ok using it. Here’s an example where it caused a problem:


I’ve had Data Saver on for at least a month now and haven’t noticed any issues. In conjunction with that however, I’ve granted unrestricted data to a number of apps that I thought might need background data in order to function properly (Android Wear, Republic Anywhere, Gmail, Google, Google Connectivity Services, Google Play Services, Google Home, Phone and Republic Wireless)

I notice in the Republic Wireless app under Data Tools, there is a grayed out setting called Data Stretch (Coming Soon). Is that perhaps RW’s version of Data Saver?


From the description there in the app, it sounds like the intent is to do more than just enable/disable, which is all I think Data Saver does. I’m sorry I don’t have any sort of sneak preview details I could share about that feature.