Don't Hear Remote Voice Mail Greeting

I’ve opened a ticket for this, but I thought I would also post this to the community to see if anyone has any ideas. This is Spooky Problem 1 that I am having, I will also post Spooky Problem 2 to a different thread. So:


We have two RW phones, a Moto G1 and a new Nexus 5x. When we call an iPhone 7 on Consumer Cellular from the Nexus 5x, their phone rings, but if they don’t answer, it just goes to silence, we never hear a voice mail greeting and we never hear the beep to leave a message, although the call does NOT disconnect, it just stays at silence.


  1. This ONLY occurs when the Nexus 5x is calling on WiFi. When WiFi is turned off on the Nexus 5x and it is on cellular, the Nexus 5x works just fine and we hear the remote voice mail greeting and beep normally.
  2. The Moto G1 on the same WiFi network does NOT do this, it ALWAYS behaves correctly; the same remote iPhone 7 rings and if not answered, it goes to their usual voice mail greeting, and then beeps and we can leave a message.
  3. There are NO problems with the way the Moto G1 handles calls on our WiFi network, it is ONLY the Nexus 5x that is not doing the correct thing.
  4. In all other ways the Nexus 5x is working fine, it can receive calls, make calls, get RW voice mail messages, text messages, etc.
  5. The problem with the Nexus 5x is consistent; that is, it ALWAYS does this, the problem is NOT intermittent.
  6. Using the Nexus 5x to call other friends on Verizon iPhones works perfectly, we hear the voice mail greeting, and then the beep and can leave a message. So far the problem has only occurred with the iPhone 7 on Consumer Cellular.


  1. Uninstalled and re-installed the RW app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Power cycled the Nexus 5x several times.
  3. Reset the network settings on the Nexus 5x (Setup/More/NetworkSettingsReset).
  4. Updated the PRL.
  5. We have NOT installed ANY apps except the RW app on this phone ever. That is, except for the RW app, the phone is exactly as it was shipped from RW.
  6. We have not changed any settings except the default ring tone.
  7. The phone was new from RW just a few weeks ago. We believe that it has had this weird voice mail message problem since we received the phone. (My wife only calls her sister on the phone and she doesn’t leave many voice mail messages, so it has taken us a long time to notice this problem.)
  8. Rebooted the WiFi router. No setting changes have been made to the WiFi router for a very long time. My Moto G1 and my wife’s old Moto G1 have never had this problem. It is ONLY the new Nexus 5x that has a problem.
  9. There are the two RW phones, a Roku TV box, a Linux pc, an Epson printer, a Nexus 7 tablet, and two iPad tablets on our WiFi network. They all work perfectly. The WiFi in our house works great for Netflix, Amazon Prime movies, web surfing, etc. Netflix movies play without interruption; the connection is solid.
  10. Our Internet comes from a Century Link DSL line. When I look at the performance, it has almost no FEC, CRC, or other errors.
  11. Entered Republic Wireless ticket number 1107309.

Does anyone have any ideas on this one? RW has been working my ticket, but so far no solution.

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