Don't want to use google photos.!


I just got a moto5 plus. I don’t want to use google photos. I want
to store photos locally on my phone to a folder I can easily download to my computer. I cannot find settings to do this. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks!



The Gallery App is no longer included with the phone. You can download a third party app from the Google Play Store, if you don’t like Google Photos.

Google Photos is the default app for storing your photos. Photos/Videos are still stored on your phone…but will be backed up to Google Photos if you choose to back them up.

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Photos will collect in the DCIM folder on your phone, you can copy any paste that to your computer.

To find folders on your phone. This feature is buried and there are apps that will do the same with some limitations and a lot of ads:

Go to Settings
Tap on Device Maintenance
Tap on Storage
Tap on 3 dots in top right corner
Tap on Storage Settings
Tap on Internal Storage or SD Card should you have one and photos are set to save there automatically
At the bottom of the menu Tap on Explore

Now you’ll see your folders.

Just to add, social media photos that are saved are in the Pictures folder, with a sub-folder for the app that was used. Same with screenshots.

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Hi @chrise.q0dwhg

You may find this helpful as well…

Moto G5 Plus users guide



I don’t have “Device Maintenance” under settings.

Any idea why?

Also when I plug my phone into my computer I don’t get a list of any files like I did with my moto 3. On that phone I could find the DCIM folder and download my pics. Not on the G5



Yeah, if I could just plug my phone into my computer and see the DCIM folder I’d be fine with that.

When I do plug the phone into the computer (windows 10), the phone shows up as a device (Moto G 5 Plus) But it shows up empty. No folders. If I right click on the G5 and select “Import Pictures and Videos” I get a “No pictures or videos were found on this device” message. And there most certainly are photos, albeit in “Google Photos”

So un-intuitive…

Is there any way to change this?




In my moto x Pure…when you slide down the notification shade…I see
"USB for charging"…when I tap on it…you can change it to "USB for file transfer"
that should enable you to see the folders

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I just found that too. And it did make my DCIM folder available on my computer.

When I checked the box for USB file transfer, it unchecked the box for charging. Are the two mutually exclusive? I never had to choose between one or the other on my moto 3.

Does this mean if I have file download function activated my phone isn’t charging?

This new phone is a pain.



No… it will still charge while you have it in file transfer mode.

This is actually a security feature…so if you connect to a public charging port…it doesn’t give media access to that port without you explicitly giving that permission from your phone.



This is one of the new security things in Android. It’s meant to prevent rogue public charging stations from accessing your phone. It is NOT mutually exclusive. The file access setting still allow charging.



Oh, okay, that actually makes sense.

Thank you!



Unfortunately the Settings menu is different on every phone.

It may say Battery, Storage or possibly USB Storage or just Storage.

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I don’t see that on mine. I also would like the camera to store the pictures to the sd card. must be possible.



Which phone do you have?

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Just got a new Moto G5 Plus. This thread helped me get the folders to show up on a computer, but it was painful. On mine, the notification does not have the USB choices on the notification directly. You have to tap Battery, then it shows up at the very bottom as a white strip which can then be selected to choose USB function.

I used to have a Moto G1 that got destroyed. I find stuff much harder to find on this phone. I suspect that it is in part due to Android trying to control how you use the phone, they are trying to guide you to do it their way instead of what makes sense to you. (E.g. use Google cloud to upload photos instead of accessing the folders directly when plugged in) The security feature makes sense, but make the place where you choose easier to find.



moto x pure



Connect phone via USB
unlock it (if required)
Pull down notification shade… one finger slide from top…you should see list of notifications

One of your notifications should read
USB for Charging
Touch for more options

That should allow you to change it to file transfer

As for saving photos to SD card…you need to configure your SD card as internal memory to be able to do that.

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moto x pure… no usb for charging… under settings… storage & usb - move to usb… seems to work



That’s most unusual. You may want to double check your USB cable and/or USB port.
Some USB cables are charging-only.



[quote=“wingnut, post:18, topic:9566”]
no usb for charging… under settings…
[/quote]It’s not in settings. You ave to pull down notification shade to see it as it hiding.


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