DOOGEE X20 - Compatible?



Decent deal for a 3G phone but curious about the potential compatibility.

The specs state:

SIM Card: Dual SIM, Dual standby (Micro + Nano card)

2G (GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz)
3G (WCDMA: 850/1900/2100MHz)


I had a thread that I had found previously with the bands for Republic but I can’t find it now.
Can anyone link me to the band specs for Republic?



This phone is not compatible,
Only phones on this list are compatible with Republic and one must match the model number

Edit to add
I would not be looking at any phone for any carrier that was 3G only as the 3G is on it’s way out within a few years with it’s radio bands moved to 5G that the carriers are working on


Hi @jerminat0r!

Doogee does make some interesting phones. I have recently been interested in the Doogee BL 5000 . With the curved screen and a huge battery, it’s still under $200! With the phone brand being not-so-well known and the fact that you can only buy it from China, I doubt Republic will support any Doogee phones anytime soon. However, I do like what they are doing at Doogee!



Phone would be on last legs by then anyway. :watermelon:


Depending on one’s location, 3G will be gone sooner than a phone would wear out. Purchasing (or supporting) a 3G only phone in 2018 makes no sense.


Thank you very much!



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