Double checking to make sure it will work

I am on vacation and my phone has decided that I need to sound like The Teacher in Charlie Brown. Also it is telling me that texts are not sending but when I log into my computer the texts have sent. SO . . .
Looking at finally upgrading to this phone : The Moto G6
It says it is the unlocked g6 but I have heard that some will not work with republic so is there a way to make sure it will
I just need a new phone that does a great job at being a PHONE

Yes, that phone is compatible. Can you tell us what model phone you currently have?? It is likely you would need the BYOP SIM card. The Bring Your Own Phone SIMs are available at the links below.■■■■sr=1-3&keywords=republic+wireless+sim+card+kit

The second link is also from Amazon.

I currently have a G3 We joined about 3 years ago and love it

You should be aware that the Moto G 3rd gen is on Republic’s CDMA network (Sprint) and the BYOP SIM card is only on Republic’s GSM network (T-Mobile). If GSM coverage doesn’t work for you, you could put in a help ticket to see about getting a CDMA SIM card.

OK I am not sure what that means. Does it mean that this new phone won’t work or that I have to ask for a special card to make it work ?

That isn’t what it means. That means that coverage may vary and if it worse than your current phone after you activate it and test it, put in a ticket.

OH OK Thank you for your help :smiley:

Sorry to bother everyone again but does anyone know if it makes a difference if I make the switch while I am not at home. as in On vacation in another state ?

It doesn’t make a difference. You would need WiFi to activate the phone.

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