Double upgrade my wife and I?


I have an old plan with motog 1st gen. I need much more memory as I can’t update apps anymore. Also my wife is using an antique verizon cell phone and would be nice to get her a smart phone. If I upgrade to a new phone can I transfer my number to the new phone and set up a plan for my wife on the motog with her number? The motog would be a great start for her to learn how to use a smart phone.


Quite simply. Yes, to both.


Yes you can do what you want
when you Activate | Republic Wireless the new phone you will transfer your current number and chose a My choice plan Affordable, No-Contract Cell Phone Plans | Republic Wireless
then you can reactivate your old Moto G 1st on the Republic Refund plan Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund – Republic Help
a new number will be assigned and you should be able to transfer her verizon number (to check her number is able to transfer go here Switch to Republic | Republic Wireless
Number Transfer: Overview – Republic Help


Yes, you can upgrade, and your wife can start a new account with RW. What worked best in my house was that SHE got the upgraded phone. :slight_smile:


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