Down Time while traveling with dead phone


Does Republic still allow one to Temporarily down a phone from service (this no billing for that one phone)?
I am traveling cross-country with wife & pets, currently in Missouri (since mid-May). Because my SIM card “died” I had to have my replacement card shipped to Virginia where I will arrive late on July. That will be almost two months that my phone will not handle cell calls or Internet.
It would be nice if I could not be billed those two months that this one phone is inactive. We do have a second phone on this account and will continue to use that phone in the meantime, until the downed phone is fixed, hopefully, by the replacement sim card.
-Tim in Missouri


Republic has never had a temporary remove a phone from service option (other than a special case for active military which has never been confirmed)
the best they had was to move the phone to the lowest price plan (a WiFi only $5 plan switchable instantly on the 1.0 and on 2.0 the switch happen at end of current billing cycle)
the best 3.0 can do is to downgrade on next billing cycle to the $15 plan or to port out the number to a number holding service (numberbarn seams to be a reasonable price option)


Hi @timothyt.0zy0gt,

I’ve reviewed your ticket and see that we sent the SIM card to the address you confirmed. If you prefer, we can send one to a destination along your route so you are not without service.

If that isn’t an option, we do not have an option to “suspend” service, but we would not want you to pay for service you are not receiving. I’ll DM you with some additional options.


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