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I used to own a Moto G (1st gen) and I was paying $10 a month. I recently upgraded to a Moto Z3 Play and it’s a nice phone but all I do is call and text, I don’t watch videos, etc on it. The case I have for the Moto G is shatter proof, I lost count how many times I’ve dropped it and nothing happened to the phone. I feel like one drop with the Z3 play and the phone is going to get all scratched up.

I’d like to sell it since it’s still worth quite a lot and go back to using my Moto G. Can I go back to the $10 a month plan or am I locked into the $15 a month plan?

Hi @davidm.k9j4w0,

Our legacy phones (E1, E2, G1, G3, X1, X2) will activate on the Republic Refund plan.
Our newer phones like your Z3 Play must activate on the My Choice plan.

No individual person is “locked in” to a certain plan. The phone in use will determine which plan is available.


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