Downgrading to Android 6.0


Hello Everyone,

I have a Motorola Moto X Pure One cell phone. Several months ago I updated to Android 7 when it was pushed on to the phone. However I am not a fan of this version of the operating system and want to revert back to Android 6. My phone is unlocked and I have access to the boot-loader. Will Republic Wireless block my phone I download the original operating system from Motorola and flash it to my device?




Republic will not block your phone for using the previous version of the OS. Of course, they may refuse to provide support for issues that are known fixed in newer versions of the OS and you’re on your own as far as the known security issues that are patched in 7.x and not 6.x.

(This is of course assuming you’re using the previously supported official Motorola build and not a 3rd party OS).


Hey thanks for the information. I will be downloading the official files from the Motorola website. If only Android 7 didn’t require a google account be on the phone at all times I wouldn’t be going to such lengths. I prefer to keep everything local to the device and not have to sync it to google’s servers. Android 6 allowed me to delete all google accounts. Android 7 does not.


Just FYI – Because of the constant updating of the Republic App (and security fixes for other apps), it isn’t recommended that you run the device without a Google Account.


I know, but I hate having to have contacts and personal data on a server. Some days I miss my old java dumb phone… thanks away for the info.


You can turn off syncing of contacts and such, while keeping the account on the phone.


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