Downgrading to Defy?


My son recently lost his job and, of course, proceeded to mess up his screen on his Moto E.

He has no income right now and I am taking care of some of his obligations so I don’t want to buy him another phone.

(He’s hard on phones)

I do have a couple Defy XTs here that may work.
Does Republic support this phone still that I could use it to transfer his number on some kind of plan?

Thank you


I’m afraid that the Defy can no longer be activated. Those in service continue to work, but it is not possible to activate one. :frowning:


Hi @larryf.91t4t7,

I’m sorry to say Republic no longer supports the DEFY XT for new activations. Currently activated DEFY XTs remain supported, however, I realize that doesn’t help with your predicament.

One option would be to purchase a previously used Republic phone. Details here:

A second option would be to raise a help ticket with Republic support. Depending upon the circumstances of your son’s situation, staff may be able to offer a B-Stock option, though I doubt they would be able to do so free of charge. You may raise that help ticket when signed into your Republic account here:


Thanks, everyone for the fast replies.
I suspected that was the case but, if you don’t ask, the answer is always no…

I’ll check out the previously owned phones.
Thanks for the tip


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