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Hello, I am not able to download an app to run my wifi thermostat. I get a message: No app found to open URL. I am not experienced with my smart phone, moto G 3rd generation

Have you looked to see if the app is available in the Google Play Store? You might find the app you want at:

Honeywell International, Inc. - Android Apps on Google Play

Hi @marilynl.mtw1rw,

I have use the Honeywell app to manage my Wi-Fi thermostats on my Republic Wireless phone and will be glad to help you if you’re still having trouble with this.

Were you able to install the app yet?

I recently installed a Honeywell wifi thermostat and have a Moto X 1st gen. I am using the Total Connect Comfort app from the Google play store and it works flawlessly.

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