Download lecture for future listening

On Moto G 3 I was able to download lectures for future listening. On Moto E 5 plus I can play the lecture but can’t save it for playing later. Why?

Hi @erwinp.tmk9fw,

I’m afraid we’ll need more information in order to try and help. For starter’s Republic doesn’t support the Moto E5 Plus. Might you be referring to a Moto E4 Plus or, perhaps, a Moto G5 Plus? Secondly, may we know what app you’re attempting to use to download your lectures. Is it the same app as the one used on your G3?


Right. It’s a G5 +

ItG5 +

Still going to need more info. What app are you having this issue with? Is it the same App you used on the older phone?

Sorry for the lack of info. It is a Moto G 5 + and I tried to download just as I had with the Moto G 3.

Download from where? Using what app?

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